5 games for the pub

Keep the kids entertained while you relax, too!

Written by Danna Wills

Let us guess. Your partner suggested that it would be nice to go to the local lovely pub ‘as a family’ now that the kids are old enough (to take out, not to drink alcohol).

Let us guess. You arrive at said local lovely pub and realise you’ve forgotten everything you normally bring to entertain your kids (iPad, books, pens, paper).

Let us guess. Local lovely pub time is spent entirely a) with your kids saying “I’m bored” every 5 minutes, or b) with your kids running about the pub, annoying other people, rattling the forks, doing your nut in.

And so, below are 5 fun and simple games to keep them entertained at the pub. Note: these do not include pool, darts or slot machines. Enjoy!

1) Beer mat challenges: get building!

What youll need: beer mats

What to do:

1. Can your child make a tower with the beer mats? Once they’ve done that, challenge them to make a house of beer mats (like a house of cards). It’s basically impossible, but they don’t need to know that. It’ll keep them busy for about the time it takes you to down a pint.

2) Guess the number: the classic numbers game.

What youll need: nothing!

What to do:

1. Take it in turns to think of a number between 1 and 10 (or 1 and 100 if you’re feeling adventurous).
2. Ask your little one to guess your chosen number.
3. Give ‘higher / lower’ clues to help them.

3) The Napkin Game: who are they thinking of?

What youll need: a clean napkin and pen (though this can be played without these things).

What to do:

1. Write the name of a favourite character or family member on a napkin and ask your child to hold it above their head (without looking).
2. Can they guess who it is by asking 20 questions? e.g. Am I cartoon? Do I have brown hair?

4) What’s on the menu: a memory game that’s lots of fun!

What youll need: nothing!

What to do:

1. A bit like, “I went to the shops and I bought a…” but a menu instead!
2. Take it in turns to say, “Hello, I’d like to order…” and then add a food item – the sillier the better.
3. Can you go around the table and remember everyone’s requests? e.g. “Hello, I’d like to order… a spicy hot dog for daddy… a frozen apple pie for mummy… a gherkin sandwich for grandma…” etc

Cheers each other when you get a round right!

5) I spy: a guessing game that can be played anywhere.

What youll need: nothing!

What to do:

1. Take it turns to say, “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…”
2. Think of something you can see and say the first letter of that word. “B is for beer. Or beer mat!”
3. Can you each guess what the other person has spied?

Hopefully, you’ve found something you like here that will keep your little one busy at the pub while you sit back and enjoy that glass of yumminess. Otherwise, try to find a soft play with a pub attached so that everyone wins (we’re joking, sadly).

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