Give teddy different job titles for your small person to act out, and they’ll be busy for at least 5 minutes.

1 Superhero Teddy Shield, cape and mask. Saves the world. Simple.

2 Chef Teddy throws small blocks, cars and plastic animals into a pan and stirs them, and then serves a meal to the rest of your child’s toys.

3 DJ Teddy is in charge of playing some excellent tunes, nodding his head, and dancing (we hear he’s pretty good at spinning on his head).

4 Postman Teddy delivers letters to family members and toys (your child can make these by drawing pictures on small rectangles of paper).

5 Pilot Teddy zooms to different rooms and makes important announcements, like: “Out of the window, you can see mummy lying down on the sofa.”

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Article written by Sara Conway