5 gardening games

Get kids interested in gardening with these easy ideas

It’s springtime, which means it’s time to get the garden looking presentable! While you’re doing your best impression of Monty Don, set the kids to work too. These simple activities will keep them busy and get them interacting with nature, leaving you free to work through your to do list.

1) Water, water, everywhere: water the whole garden!
What to do:

Give your child a watering can or hose (set to low pressure) and have them water every plant, shrub, and tree in the garden. Tell them that every living thing needs water to survive! It’s a fun spring activity and a science lesson.

2) Minibeast hunt: go on a nature trail.

What to do:

Give your child a magnifying glass and send them on an insect hunt around the garden. Can they spot a snail? What about a woodlouse? Show them how to lift up small stones to see what’s underneath. Tell them to be careful if they touch them, though!

3) Outdoor creations: use pens to create some garden art.

What to do:

Give your child pens and biodegradable plant markers. Have them write nametags and draw garden art, which they can stick in the soil to brighten things up!

4) Tidy tots: have a garden clean-up!

What to do:

Give the kids a brush, a bowl of soapy water and a sponge. Show them how to sweep the patio, porch, or driveway. Next, wash tables, chairs and play equipment with a bucket of soapy water and lots of bubbles. Finally, pick up sticks and twigs from the lawn and pop them in a big pile!

5) Sunflower fun: plant a sunflower in a pot.
What to do:

Give your child a pot filled with compost. Now they can make a hole, drop in the sunflower seed, cover it with compost and water it! Give them a few pots to plant, to make sure you get a flower!

Now that the garden’s sorted and the chairs are nice and clean, have a cup of tea and put your feet up!

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