5 great games to play with soft toys

Images: Getty, Sara Conway | Words: Sara Conway

1) Toy story: Get your child to tell a story to their favourite teddy from their favourite book.

Some children might be able to read it, or remember the story from their own bedtimes. Younger children can point at pictures and tell teddy what they are.

2) Toy obstacle course: Let their imaginations run wild designing a mini obstacle course for their toy.

Maybe their teddy will sail in a pan, do a sack race in a bobble hat or slide down a plank propped on a washing basket.

3) Hide & Peep: Hide your child’s toy in an unusual place but so they will be able to see it without having to lift or move anything.

Then challenge them to walk from room-to-room looking carefully – up high and down low.

4) Teddy bear (and bunny and tiger)’s picnic: It’s a classic – but getting a circle of toys together for a picnic is a winning activity that kids of all ages can enjoy (and do together).

For added fun, add real fruit to serve (and if that gets them to eat one of their 5 a day, even better).

5) Presents! Next time you’re out with your child, keep them busy choosing 5 things to bring home for their toy.

We went shopping and brought bunny a carrot, our change, a leaf shaped like a heart, some bubbles and a receipt.