5 great googly eyes crafts

Ever feel like you need to close your eyes, but you can’t take them off your kids for a moment?

That’s why we’ve come up with these 5 googly eye crafts for preschoolers and toddlers, so you can have a rest.

1) Boo! For kids who love spooky stories

What you’ll need: black paper, googly eyes

What to do:

Your child simply fills a black piece of paper with pairs of googly eyes. Then they can imagine who they belong to… a bat, a big bear, The Gruffalo, or maybe their very own monster – the more inventive, the better!

2) Out of this world! How to make handprint aliens

What you’ll need: paint and paintbrush, googly eyes, a felt tip pen

What to do:

1. First your child paints their hand and then makes handprints on the paper.
2. They turn them into aliens by adding googly eyes and doodling with a felt tip.

3) Easy on the eye: make a fabulous photo frame

What you’ll need: card, scissors, googly eyes

What to do:

1. First, help your child to cut out a frame from the card.
2. Next, let them decorate it with lots and lots of eyes!
3. To finish, they choose a picture to pop inside. Will it be their best friend, you, or their favourite person (themselves)?

4) Googly everything! Let them loose with googly eyes

What you’ll need: googly eyes

What to do:

Give your child a bag of googly eyes to stick on everything they like. Fruit, cups, the remote control – everything is improved when it gets a googly makeover.

5) Planet pom-pom: make a cute alien

What you’ll need: green card, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, black pen, googly eyes

What to do:

1. First ask your child to draw and cut out a wobbly alien shape.
2. Now they fill it with googly eyes! Toddlers love this part.
3. They add some antennae (if you don’t have enough pipe cleaners or pom-poms they can miss out this part).
4. Finally, they draw a goofy smile for the finishing touch.

Hopefully, that’s given you a bit of time for some R&R. If all else fails, close your eyes and stick a pair of googly eyes on your eyelids. No-one will know the difference…