5 group games

These 5 activities for groups of children include easy ways to help kids burn energy together, and ideas to keep them busy when sitting down.

Get everyone up and moving

1) Follow the leader

What to do:

Everyone marches in a line, copying what the person at the front is doing. Try to let little kids take a turn at the front as well as older siblings. And when you want them to tidy up or come in for lunch? Take your own turn to lead at the front.

2) Colour scavenger hunt

What to do:

Send the kids around the house looking for toys of different colours. Then they make a giant rainbow on the floor.

3) Balloon hop

What you’ll need: lots of balloons

What to do:

Give your kids a balloon. The aim is to pass it around without touching the balloon with their hands and without letting it hit the floor. Have plenty spare in case teamwork gets too much – they can each have a balloon to play with. (Or in case the balloon pops or flies away – as happened to us!)

Put those balloons to good use with more easy ideas!

Get everyone to sit down

4) Lolly stick croc

What you’ll need: per croc: 1 green lolly stick, white paper, glue, scissors, googly eyes, 2 green pipe cleaners

What to do:

  1. Your kids wrap the green pipe cleaners around the middle of the lolly stick. Bend down each end to make 4 feet.
  2. Now, they snip the white paper in a zigzag and cut it so it fits below one side of the lolly stick to make teeth.
    3. Googly eyes make the finishing touch.

5) Little monster craft

Just crumple paper and stick on eyes!

What you’ll need: waste paper, googly eyes

What to do:

1. Get your kids to scrunch up pieces of paper.
2. Then they can add googly eyes to turn them into monsters.