5 happy crafts

These activities will put a smile on everyone’s face

Ahh, the happy highs of parenting….

Sneaking a biscuit out of the cupboard while an unsuspecting toddler’s back is turned. Realising your kids are playing happily ON THEIR OWN. When they kiss you for no reason (and then you wipe a trail of snot off your face). Or the moment when you FINALLY  tiptoe out of your child’s bedroom at night and the evening is yours…

As special as these fleeting moments may be, we know they can be hard to hold onto during the average day at home with your kids.

So, we’ve come up with 5 easy and happy crafts to spread a little cheer. Set your kids up with what they need to do these, and then do something that makes you feel happy…

1) Make Mr Happy: the happiest guy around!

What you’ll need: paper plate, yellow card, yellow paint, paintbrush, scissors, black pen, glue stick

1. Ask your kids to paint the plate yellow (you might want to put down some newspaper to protect your surfaces.

2. Now your kids draw hands and feet on the yellow card. The need to be long! 

3. Then they snip them out.

4. Now they draw on Mr Happy’s face.

5. Then glue on his arms and legs!

Crafts and photos by Sarah Wills

Why not use the rest of the pack to make these paper plate masks?

2) Flower power: kids can make a jolly sunflower.

What you’ll need: yellow, green and brown card, scissors, tape

What you do:

1. Ask your kids to fold some green card to make a stem. Secure with tape.
2. Now they snip a few leaves and glue them on.
3. Ask them to cut a circle of brown card to make the centre of the flower.
4. Then cut yellow petals and tape them to the back.
5. Finally, they tape the flower head onto the stem.

Thanks to CBeebies Art magazine for this photo

Make another nice floral bunch with tissue paper –  find out how here!

 3) Paint the rainbow: an easy, cheery sponge paint idea

What you’ll need: washing up sponge, paper, paint

What you do:

1. Ask your child to paint rainbow stripes on the sponge.
2. Then they swoosh it in a rainbow arc. It works best if they press down the sponge.

 There are more colourful ideas here! 

4) Tidy home, tidy mind: a happy crayon pot to spread a little calm.

What you’ll need: yogurt pot, yellow, white and blue paper, black pen, orange tissue paper, glue, scissors and tape

What you do:

1. Help your child to measure and cut the paper so they can wrap it around the yogurt pot. Secure with tape.
2. Now, they can cut and stick on circles of paper to make the eyes.
3. Then use a black pen to colour black pupils in the middle. And draw on a nose and mouth.
4. Next, they cut and stick on pieces of tissue paper to make the mane.
5. Finally, they can pop all of their crayons inside.

5) Brilliant butterfly: flutter some happy vibes with this handpainting idea.

What you’ll need: paper, card, paint, glue, 3 pompoms, 2 pipe cleaners, googly eyes, plus extra crafty bits

What you do:

1. Get your child to make some handprints on paper. Then they can snip out two good ones!
2. Now they stick them on card positioned like two wings.
3. And glue on the pompoms to make the body.
4. Then they can glue on the pipe cleaners to make the antennae.
5. Finally, they add googly eyes plus any other crafty bits you have to decorate the wing.

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