5 happy Hanukkah makes

Hanukkah is the Jewish wintertime festival of light, lasting for eight days. Candles are lit nightly (ooh!), doughnuts are eaten (yum!) and children play lots of games (yay!). Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or not, below are 5 fun, themed activities to teach little ones all about the festival, while keeping them busy! These activities are quick, and suitable for children aged 2+. Have fun together!

1) STARRY STARRY NIGHT:Super-simple and sweet star decorations!

What you’ll need: pipe cleaners, string

What you do:

  1. Shape a pipe cleaner strip into a triangle.
  2. Weave a second triangle around it to create a star.
  3. Tie a loop of string to the top, and hang the stars around your home!

2) MENORAH HAND PAINTING:A super quick and easy painted picture!

What you’ll need: paper, blue and yellow paint

What you do:

  1. Paint hands and fingers blue, and fingertips yellow.
  2. Push hands down firmly on the paper, side by side but thumbs linked. This should look like the 8 candles of the menorah (one lit for each night), with the 9th candle in the centre to light each one.

3) DELICIOUS DOUGHNUT DECORATING:A traditional Hanukkah treat, have fun decorating doughnuts – however you like!

What you’ll need: ready-made plain doughnuts, icing pens, sprinkles, chopped fruit, etc.

What you do:

  1. It’s easy – just add icing, sprinkles, fruit, and anything else to the ready-made doughnuts! Nom nom nom!

Want a really easy way to make doughnuts? Try these no-cook rice pop rings from Good Food!

4) PRETTY WINDOW DECORATIONS: A simple, but pretty and colourful Hanukkah make!

What you’ll need: card, tissue paper, scissors, glue

What you do:

  1. Help your little one cut a frame out of card. It can be a dreidel shape, a star, a diamond or whatever you choose.
  2. Rip up lots of coloured tissue paper, and stick them in the middle.
  3. Once dry, hold the decoration up to a window as if it’s stained-glass!

5) HAPPY HUNAKKAH CARDS: Lovely Hanukkah cards for your child to give their friends!

What you’ll need: coloured card, pens, pencils, crayons

What you do:

  1. Fold a sheet of card in half.
  2. Decorate the card with pretty patterns in traditional Hanukkah colours – blue, white, yellow and silver.
  3. Write a lovely Happy Hanukkah message, then give the cards to your friends!

We hope that these 5 activities will keep your little ones creative and busy, while teaching them all about Hanukkah! Now, where are those doughnuts…? Nom nom nom!


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