5 healthy activities: eat well, move more

Yesterday I found my toddler scaling the worktop. Ahh, I thought, what a little monkey! She’s so full of energy! But then she screamed “SNACK!” and I realised my daughter wasn’t motivated by a childish urge to climb. NO… she was on her way to grab some biscuits before settling in for a Peppa Pig marathon.

If this sounds familiar, these fun and healthy ideas could be just what we need. They help to keep kids active and steer them towards their 5-a-day. 

Now, where did she put those biscuits?


Make a fun scavenger hunt to get your little one moving!

What you’ll need: Paper, pen, box to collect items

What you do:

1. Think of some fun things for your child to find in the garden or in the home, including a teddy bear.
2. Give the list to your child and then see how many things they can find in a time limit of your choice. They get extra points for the bear.


Make healthy eating fun.

What you’ll need: an assortment of fruit and a plate

What you do:

1. This lion has an orange slice face, easy peeler mane, banana and blueberry eyes, banana ears, a grape nose and a pineapple mouth and whiskers.

Now, challenge them to make their favourite animal.


What you’ll need: Different fruit or veg, tray, a tea towel

What you do:

1. Put different fruit or veg on the tray and ask your child to look at it and remember everything on it.
2. Cover the tray with the tea towel and see how many they can remember.


Give your kid hours of fun with this active idea.

What you’ll need: anything you’ve got lying around!

What you do:

1. Find some bits and bobs from around the garden and/or house to create our own obstacle course.
2. How many routes around the course can your little one find? How quickly can they complete the course?

Photo credit: FatCamera


Make a healthy eating reward chart with your little one and set challenges like eating 5 fruit and vegetable snacks, trying new foods or eating different textures.

What you’ll need: paper, felt tips/crayons, glue, old magazines, scissors, stickers

What you do:

1. Write out the days of the week with your little one and choose some new food and activities for them to try each day.
2. They can decorate it by cutting out and sticking pictures from magazines.
3. Agree a reward that your child will get if they complete their reward chart (maybe they can have their reward if they manage 5, 6 or 7 of the day’s challenges). Their reward might be a trip to the park, choosing their favourite meal or a magazine.
4. Let your child stick a sticker on the chart each time they complete an activity.
5. Hopefully, you can give them a reward! If not, explain why, and try again next week.