5 ideas for a superhero party

Superheroes are everywhere. We’ve got Batman on the lunchbox, Spider-Man on the rucksack, Superwoman socks – and our very own Hulk demanding a super birthday party with every kid in her class, or else!

And while we’re in no short supply of party items plastered with heroes, from cups and plates to bunting and costumes, it all adds up very quickly. Luckily, the superhero theme is simple to replicate and can be made at home cheaply and easily.

We’ve come up with everything you need to host the most heroic party, including invitations, costumes, party games, party bags and snacks. So, at the end of the day, the ultimate hero will be you.

Or Thor. But it will be a really close call.

Superhero theme

1) Easy dress-up, Na, na, na, na, Batman! Simple mask make.

What you need: black card, pipe cleaners, scissors, tape

What to do:

1. Hold the piece of black card up to your child’s face and mark where their eyes are.
2. Copy this example to draw a bat mask shape.
3. Now your child can snip it out – help them with the eye holes.
4. Then they can tape a pipe cleaner to each side to hold it on.

Pair with a black top, black leggings, and a black cape (a pillowcase works well).

2) Great game: Tin foil terror! Get your little ones to save the day!

What you’ll need: tin foil, tongs, buckets

What to do:

1. Scrunch up lots of tin foil balls and scatter around the living room or garden
2. Tell the kids that a supervillain has dropped poison everywhere and they need to pick it up to save the day!
3. Give each child a tong for them to pick up each ball with and drop in the buckets provided.
4. You could set a time limit and give a prize to the child who collects the most tin foil.

3) Last minute DIY invite: Superhero mask invites: give an invite that kids can wear to the party.

What you’ll need: superhero masks (either buy a pack or snip the shape from card – you can make a pile of about 5 to speed up the cutting), and felt tips. You will need elastic and tape if you’re making your own.

1. Simply give the superhero masks to your child so they can colour and decorate the front.
2. Then, write the party details on the back.

4) Fun party bag filler: Send kids home with a heroic gift!

We love these mini notepads from Baker Ross (£2.45 for 8)

And these foam stickers, £2.95 for a pack of 120

5) Party snack: Mighty hammer! Make a Thor hammer with cheese.

What you need: Twiglets or straight pretzels, cheddar cheese

What to do:

1. Cut cheddar cheese into rectangle hammer shapes
2. Push each rectangle on to the top of a Twiglet
3. Now you have an edible Thor hammer!

Hopefully the kids spend more time wearing themselves out with Flash’s super speed rather than Hulking out on too many sugary sweets, so you can put your feet up and watch a film. Perhaps not a superhero movie, because you’ve probably just seen enough tiny heroes to last a lifetime.