5 ideas for hosting a space-themed party

Houston, we have a problem: how to keep 20+ kids entertained at a birthday party, without breaking the bank.

It’s a task that NASA aren’t even equipped for.

Luckily, if your little one is space mad, we’ve come up with five really easy, affordable ideas to send a bunch of little astronauts to the moon and back. There’s everything you need to get organised, from starry invitations, to space snacks, outfits and party favours.

Commencing countdown…

Space theme

1) Easy outfit from out of this world!

What youll need: coloured card, scissors, tape, straws, wool

What to do:
1. Cut out card hands with extra-long alien fingers.
2. Stick on lengths of wool so you can tie them loosely around your little one’s wrists.
3. Cut out an alien-shaped mask, including eye holes.
4. Finally, make some extra card googly eyes and stick them to straws on top of the mask!

2) Great game: We’re Going On A Moon Rock Hunt: a fun party game that’ll make your kids (moon) rock stars!

What youll need: foil

What you do:

1. It’s easy peasy! Scrunch foil into fist-sized balls to make moon rocks.
2. Hide them around the party room, and see if your little one and their friends can find them all!

(Extra points if they can pretend they’re on the moon and walk everrr sooo slowlyyy!)

3) Last minute DIY invite: Please Comet To My Party: space-themed party invitations that rock!

What youll need: chunky rocks and stones, paint and paintbrush, glue, glitter

What you do:

1. To make your party invitations look like they’re written on meteors, simply write all the party details on the chunky rocks. (If you’re struggling to paint the details, write them all on a small note and stick it to the rock instead.)
2. Glue on a sprinkling of glitter to make them really cosmic!
3. Hand deliver them to all your little one’s friends! (Don’t post them – it’ll cost you the earth!)

4) Fun party bag filler: Astronaut SOS Packs: party bag ideas for your little space explorers!

There are plenty of brilliant space-themed party bag fillers on the 5 Minute Fun shop, but we think the Shooter Discs and Prism Scopes are perfect for battling aliens and finding new worlds!

Shooter Discs – Pack of 6 for £1.13

Prism Scopes – Pack of 6 for 88p

5) Party snack: 
Fruity Kebab Rockets: healthy yummy party snacks that are ready for take-off!

What youll need: strawberries, bananas, apple, wooden kebab skewers

What you do:

1. Thickly slice the bananas and strawberries, and cut simple rocket flames out of the apple.
2. Starting with the apple, alternate the strawberry and banana slices, finishing with the top of strawberry to make an edible rocket!