5 ideas inspired by favourite nursery rhymes

Entice your child away from technology with these activities inspired by popular nursery rhymes. These fun games will get them singing, moving and crafting.

1) Row your Boat: 
Hop in a boat and set sail…indoors!
What you’ll need: a big box or a big laundry basket

What to do:

Your child hops into a box or laundry basket boat and sings the words to Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Why not add a soft toy crocodile or lion on the shore? Don’t have those toys? Your child can make up new verses and see fish, bunnies or bears along the way.

2) The Wheels on the Bus: Where will you go today?

What you’ll need: toys scattered around the house ­– easy!

What to do:

Tell your child they are a bus driver today! As they sing The Wheels on the Bus, they drive around the house, picking up toys along their journey. Fun, and they’re basically tidying up.

3) I Can Sing a Rainbow: Try an interactive, creative colour hunt

What to do:

Your child sings I Can Sing a Rainbow while setting off around the house to find things that are ‘Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue…’ Now, can they build a rainbow with the things they’ve collected (if not, send them off to find more!)

4) A sailor went to Sea, Sea, Sea: children can be creative and make a sea scene.

What you’ll need: white sheet of paper, colourful card, pieces of string, blue paint, glue

What to do:

1. Your child dips the string into blue paint and then presses it on the paper to make a wavy line. Repeat to fill the paper with a wavy ocean.
2. Next, your child snips out colourful card shapes: a square funnel, round and square windows, a round life belt, plus the body of the boat.
3. When the paint is dry, they can stick the shapes to the paper to make a boat.

Photo credit: Craft and photo by Sarah Wills

5) Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: get crafty and make a misty moonlight picture!

What you’ll need: scissors, glue, card, biodegradable glitter, a sheet of black paper, white chalk

What to do:

1. Help your child to cut out a star shape from card, then glue on glitter to make it twinkle.
2. Show your child how to use white chalk to create a night time scene. They could draw hills, trees, a pond, a house, tower blocks…don’t forget a white moon in the sky!
3. Then, they stick on the shining star!

 Craft and photo by Sarah Wills