5 ideas that teach literacy

Literacy, *yawn*. It doesn’t sound that fun, does it? And when you add phonics into the mix, it’s… zzzzzzzz. Sorry, we dropped off there for a second.

But we all know that letter sounds, handwriting, story comprehension and story creation are important life skills. So how do we make them a little more fun for our kids?

We’ve come up with these 5-minute fun activities to bring literacy to life. From storytelling to chatting and making their mark on a page, your kids won’t realise they’re learning as they play.

1) Make a storybook: Your child can be the author of their own story.

What you’ll need: paper, pen, coloured pens

What to do:

1. Take a few pieces of paper and fold them into a little book.
2. Now your child draws a character on the first page of the book – it could be as simple as an apple with a smiley face.
3. Make up a story together and draw pictures in the book to show the story. If your children are confident writers, give them space to write, too.
4. Give suggestion like, ‘Where did the apple go?’, ‘Who did the apple meet?’, ‘What happened then?’, ‘Suddenly…’
5. Now your child can share their story with the rest of their family.

 2) What happens next? Play this guessing game to help comprehension.

When you’re next reading a story with your child, stop and ask them what just happened and what they think will happen next. Try it with books they know well (that Peppa Pig book you read every night). And try it with books they don’t know so well, too.

3) I-Spy: Make phonics fun!

A simple game of I-spy helps your child to think about letter sounds and identify them in the names of everyday objects.

4) Road letter races: Kids can learn letter shapes while playing cars.

What you’ll need: colours, toy car, paper

What to do:

1. Draw out bubble writing of lower case letters.
2. Draw road markings within each letter (e.g; – – – – – -)
3. Ask your little one to drive their toy car around the letter following the road markings.
4. As they go, ask them to make the sound of the letter e.g. b, b, b, b, b.

 Got a speed demon at home? Get them to sit still for 5 minutes with these easy racing crafts.

5) Shopping the alphabet: Practice some literacy skills while you shop.

Keep kids busy in the supermarket by looking for things beginning with different letter sounds. You could invent meals with one sound e.g. beans with butter and bananas, yuck!