5 ideas to keep kids busy while you de-stress

Relax in the bath, read your favourite book, listen to music… It CAN be done!

Before I had children, I imagined family life would consist of long, dreamy days with me rocking in a hammock, sipping hot tea, and reading my favourite magazine, whilst my little ones would entertain themselves in the garden, only disturbing the calm once in a while to give me a daisy chain they’d just made…

In reality, I’m lucky if I can go 30 seconds without someone in the house needing something from me ASAP – nappy change, lunchtime, drink, spilt drink, more drink, play time, get out this toy, get out that toy, school run, repeat…

But… below are a few ideas to keep the kids busy while you de-stress and take 5 for yourself!

1) Dreamy bubble bath: let the kids wash their toys whilst you wash your toes!

What you’ll need: bowl, plastic toys, soapy water

What to do:

1. Whilst you have a well-earned soak, fill a bowl with soapy bubbles.
2. Let your little one bring their (plastic) toys into the bathroom for a wash too!

2) Favourite music: let your little ones’ imaginations run wild!

What you’ll need: your favourite songs, paper, pencils

What to do:

1. Whilst you listen to your favourite music (at last!), ask your child to draw a picture about what they think the songs are about!

3) Escape with a good book: send your kids off on a mission while you sit back!

What to do:

1. This takes a little more planning but not much! Simply send your little one off around the house on a mission. For example, pretend they’re a pirate – can they collect a list of treasure from around the house? Something shiny, something red, something round…
2. Whilst they’re exploring, use the time to sit back and relax! Ahh…

4) Get some fresh air: head out together and de-stress in nature!

What you’ll need: nothing!

What to do:

1. Go to your local park or into the garden. Whilst you get a bit of a clear head with some fresh air and sunshine, make up a little nature checklist for the kids.
2. Can they spot birds, flowers, bugs, etc? What shapes are the clouds? What sounds can they hear? Feel free to let them wander off – not too far, and in plain sight, obvs – but enough to give you a bit of a breather!

5) Get cookin’: keep the kids busy by making some easy, feel-good flapjacks!

What you’ll need: 50g butter, 2tbsp peanut butter, 3tbsp honey, 2 bananas, 1 apple, 250g oats, 85g dried apricots, 100g raisins, 85g seeds

What to do:

Cooking can be super relaxing – for you and the kids! And this simple recipe will keep the stress out of the kitchen.

1. Ask your kids to help you do the prep: weigh out the oats, scoop out the peanut butter, mash the bananas, etc.
2. Find the rest of the recipe here

Photo credit: BBC Good Food

Hopefully, there are some ideas there that will help you de-stress and take some time to yourself, whilst keeping the kids entertained too!

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