Eye-catching activities!

Image: Getty | Words: Sara Conway

1 Big-eyed bee: it’s easy to make a brilliant, buzzy buddy

You’ll need: a pebble, black and yellow paint, googly eyes

  1. Your child paints the pebble yellow, and waits for it to dry. (Why not try another googly idea from this post while they wait?
  2. Now they colour on stripes with a black felt tip.
  3. Finally, they stick on googly eyes and tin foil wings.

2 Googly frogspawn: this quick and easy idea will awaken your child’s senses

You’ll need: googly eyes and slime (No slime? Try making some… https://www.5minutefun.com/make-your-own-slime/)

Your child simply pops the eyes into the slime to make cool frogspawn. Let them pop them in and back out, and run the slime through their fingers, for a fun sensory activity with no mess.

3 Sandwich bag buddy: great for lunchboxes, or fun party bags on a budget

You’ll need: sandwich bags, googly eyes, Sharpie pens (or crayons, paper and glue).

Your child simply pops googly eyes on each sandwich bag, and then doodles on a face. Sharpie pens show up well on the plastic. If they’re too little to use them, your child could draw the face on paper and then glue it to the bag.

4 Fruit friend puppets: bring the fruit bowl to life in seconds

You’ll need: googly eyes, fruit

Let your child stick googly eyes onto apples, oranges, bananas – whatever fruit you’ve got. And then they put on a play with their new fruity friends.

5 Scrunch paper monsters: your child can make these monsters with any old paper

You’ll need: Paper to scrunch and googly eyes

All your child has to do is scrunch the paper and stick on some eyes. They could also draw and stick on mouths.