5 ideas with shaving foam

Images and words: Sara Conway

If you’ve got a toddler or preschooler at home and you’re wondering how to keep them busy, then reach into your bathroom cabinet for a bottle of shaving foam. These easy ideas create a cool sensory experience for kids and they’re really fun, too!

1) Crazy hair salon: this activity is hair-lairious! (groan)

 You’ll need: plastic toys and shaving foam

Just give your child the can to squirt crazy hairstyles onto their toys, and some water to wash it off with. If they’re too little to squirt the can, you can spray some into a washing up bowl for them to dip the toys into.

 2) Trace in foam: a fun way to practise letters or draw pictures

 You’ll need: a tray and shaving foam

Simply cover the tray in a layer of foam and then tell your child what to trace into it. Challenge them to draw letters, their name, animals or you!

 3) At the car wash!Make those cars shiny and new.

 You’ll need: toy cars, water and shaving foam

Give your child a bowl of shaving foam for them to drive their toy cars into. Plus a jug of water to make them clean (or to turn the bowl into a soapy, gloopy mess!)

4) DIY paint:easy to just wipe away

You’ll need: You’ll need: shaving foam, food colouring

  1. Get your kids to squirt shaving foam into the compartments of a paint tray.
  2. Add a few drops of food colouring to each section. You can mix colours. We had red, yellow and blue and used them to mix green, orange and purple.
  3. Now get them to stir… and paint!

Ideal for decorating a plastic tray, inside a bathtub, or outside windows. It washed off our surfaces but please do test a small hard-to-see area before letting your kids go wild.

5) Rainbow rain:watch this video to find out how to make weather in a jar!

Watch the video below or follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill the glass two thirds full with water.
  2. Help your child to spray shaving foam into the top of the glass.
  3. Drip food colouring into the shaving foam – it will travel through the shaving foam and rain down into the water! Try different colours to make rainbow rain.