5 instant ideas!

In the queue at the bank or checking emails at home, there’s that moment when BOREDOM strikes. Your bundle of joy turns into a monster. You’ve seen similar stuff on Doctor Who but there’s no Jodie Whittaker to get you out of this scrape.

Do you…

  1. Move away from the tantrum and tut loudly about “other people’s kids.”
  2. Scoop them up, run away and vow never to leave the house again.
  3. Ignore the tuts and whip out one of these ideas to distract your child out of their rage.

We tend to default to option 2. But our 5 Minute Fun activity cards are designed to take the sting out of these tricky moments. They have emergency ideas to keep kids busy whether you’re at home or out and about. We’ve included 5 of our favourites below – and you can pick up the whole set here.

1) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1: Keep kids busy learning numbers.

What you’ll need: anything and everything around you!

What you do:

Ask your child how many numbers they can find in the world around them. They could be on your phone, clocks, menus, clothes, signs. Try starting with number 1 and build from there!

 Looking for more fun maths ideas? These Numberblocks activities will help build on their number skills.

2) Draw a selfie! Distract budding artists with this easy idea.

What you’ll need: crayons and paper

What you do:

1. Give them a pencil and paper and challenge your child to draw a portrait of you.
2. Can they draw their own portrait too?

 These ideas are great for kids who love drawing.

 3) Pairing game: Encourage kids to look at the world in a different way.

What you’ll need: a pair of eyes to spot with

What you do:

Ask your child to find things that go together… salt and pepper, a cup and saucer, feet, hands, socks or shoes… what else can they see?

4) Handy idea: Keep your child busy with this fun measuring game, while you get 5 minutes to get stuff done.

What you’ll need: pen, paper, scissors

What you do:

1. Draw around your child’s hand, then cut it out.
2. Set them off measuring how many hands high or how many hands long different objects are.

5) Snap! Play this fun shark game.

What you’ll need: paper

What you do:

1. Place a piece of paper on the floor and ask your child to jog around it
2. Can they make it to the paper island when you shout ‘shark’? Shout ‘swim’ to start again!

Shark fans can have more fun crafting a snappy friend out of a tissue box.

If all this fails to get the tantrum under control, you could always climb in your Tardis and leave this galaxy. Don’t forget to leave room for us!