5 kind ideas

Teaching children about small acts of kindness is one of the best things you can do together. Firstly, it makes sure you’re sending a nice human being out into the world. And secondly, over time, it can make your life easier at home. It is extremely important for your kids to know that cleaning up after themselves (and bringing you gifts) is their number one responsibility.

But how to do this? Never fear, at 5 Minute Fun we’ve put our heads together to come up with 5 easy activities that encourage kids to be kind. If our little cherubs can learn to be a little more thoughtful – isn’t everyone a winner?

1) Kindness jar! Reward kind deeds by popping hearts in a jar.

What you’ll need: A jar, red paper cut into heart shapes (or buy paper hearts)

What to do:

1. Tell your child you’ll pop a heart in the jar every time you see (or hear) they’ve done something kind.
2. Agree treats you’ll share together when there are 10, 20 and 30 hearts in the jar, such as:

  • One more park trip this week
  • An extra story at bedtime
  • A trip to the cinema together

3. A kind deed might look like:

  • Sharing their toys
  • Giving a friend a hug
  • Helping a younger sibling (or you!) to do something

 2) Wait a minute, Mr Postman! Post a homemade card to a friend or relative.

What to do:

1. Let your child loose with some coloured paper, stickers glue and whatever craft supplies you have at home. Ask them to think about what their friend likes (Hey Duggee, sparkles, blue) to guide their choices.
2. Write a nice message and then pop their creation in the post. The recipient will be showered with love (and glitter!) when they open it.

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3) Ready, set… BAKE! Make some jammy biscuits together for the whole family to enjoy!

Help your kids to show their love through baked treats. Have a go at these homemade Jammy Dodgers from Waitrose

Or buy biscuits and icing pens so your child can personalise biscuits for each family member!.

Love baking? These nostalgic treats make a great gift.

4) I got a feeling… three games to help children recognise emotions and learn empathy.

What to do:

1. Take it in turns to mime different emotions and see if you can guess what they are.
2. Copy the emotions you see in pictures. Kids’ magazines are full of characters showing different feelings.
3. Draw stick men with different emotions and then say why they feel how they feel.

5) Best bear friends! Can your little one look after their teddy for the day?

They could make them breakfast, change their nappy or put them down for a nap. Learning to care for someone else is a great way to spread a little kindness!

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