5 llama crafts

You can keep unicorns, piratesand mermaids. Our new favourite kids’ trend is llamas! For a start, your kids can visit them in a local farm. Plus, they’re less pink and glittery than unicorns, cuter than pugs (they are) and less, well, fishy than mermaids.

If your kids love llamas, give them these cute crafts to keep them busy. There’s plenty for them to create and decorate and minimal requirements from your craft box. 5 minutes of fun, with no drama llama.

1) Tube dude: Make a simple cardboard tube llama.

What you’ll need: cardboard tube, scissors, glue, paint, wool

1. Help your child to draw a llama’s head at the top of the tube.

2. Draw 4 curves at the bottom to make legs and a little bump to make the tail.

3. Then help your child cut along all of the lines. And fold down the head and tail.

4. Now, your work is done. Relax while your child paints the tube a great llama colour.

5. When it’s dry, they can draw on a face and saddle.

6. And, finally, glue on short wool strands for the hair and tail!


Photo credit: Craft and photo by Sarah Wills

2) Sock it to me: Create a llama puppet pal!

What you’ll need: spare sock, fabric glue, coloured felt, a pencil, scissors

What to do:

1. Draw these shapes on coloured felt with pencil so your child can then cut them out.

2. Now they can use fabric glue to stick them all to the sock.

Photo credit: Craft and photo by Sarah Wills

3) Plate mate: Cut and stick to make a simple llama friend.

What you’ll need: a paper plate (cut in half), colouring pens, scissors, glue, colourful mini pompoms (if you want!)

What to do:

1. Draw these shapes on the paper plate for your child to cut out.

2. Now your child can assemble the llama using the other half of the plate as the body. Ask them to glue on the head, legs and tail to the llama body.

3. Now, they can use colouring pens to add a face, a harness and a saddle.

4. If you have mini pompoms, they can decorate the saddle, too!

Photo credit: Craft and photo by Sarah Wills

4) Llama laughs: Turn a paper plate into a llama face!

What you’ll need: a paper plate, a single egg carton cup, cotton wool, scissors, glue, paint, 3 black buttons or a black colouring pen

What to do:

1. Cut 2 sides off the paper plate, like this, to create the llama’s face and ears.

2. Meanwhile, ask your child to paint the egg carton cup white (if it’s not white already) to make a sniffly snout.
3. Now, your child can stick the ears to the plate. To stick on the snout, make small cuts in the base. Bend the cut pieces and glue them to the plate.
4. Next, they add a cotton wool hairstyle!
5. And use black buttons, pens or paint to add eyes and a nose.

If you want to turn this into a mask, cut out some eye holes and add lengths of string to secure it around your child’s head.

Photo credit: Craft and photo by Sarah Wills

5) Funny footprint: print a llama pal.

What you’ll need: an A4 piece of white paper, light brown paint, a black pen, 2 googly eyes, glue

What to do:

1. Paint one of your child’s feet with brown paint and have them stamp a footprint on white paper.
2. When it’s dry, glue on some googly eyes!
3. Have your child use a black pen to create ears, a nose and some eyebrows!

You could try these crafts next time you host a playdate.

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