5 lolly stick makes

Images and words: Sara Conway

Ice lollies just got a lot cooler with these fun ideas you can try with the sticks. Suitable for children aged 2-plus, the activities help kids learn about shapes, colours and to use their imagination. Older kids will be able to try most of these ideas on their own. Little ones might need a bit of help from you.

1) Give your child the stick to paint green.

2) While it dries, they cut the teeth – little zigzags – into a strip of white paper.

(TIP! They can trim it to size later.)

3) When the stick is dry, your child wraps the two pipe cleaners around it. Each end becomes a leg.

4) Now they stick on the teeth (and trim them so they fit the space between the end of the stick and the pipe cleaner).

5) Then they add googly eyes.


2) Pieced-together pictures: colourful sticks can be used to make pictures, over and over again

You’ll need: lolly sticks and paint (or buy a bag of colourful lolly sticks like these)

1. Give your child the sticks to paint and then leave them to dry.
2. Now they can have fun using them to make pictures.
3. Try asking them to create a dinosaur, a sunny garden or a page full of shapes.

3) Stick man hero: kids will love making this super cool character

You’ll need: a lolly stick, paint, coloured paper, glue, googly eyes

1. First, your child paints the stick any heroic colour they like.
2. While that dries, they cut a cape from colourful paper.
(TIP! They can use another stick to measure the size.)
3. Then they cut a little strip to make a super mask.
4. Then they assemble their hero and stick everything with glue.
5. Googly eyes add the finishing touch.

4) Lolly stick jigsaw: your child can paint their own personalized puzzle

You’ll need: lolly sticks (about 5), sticky tape, paint

1. Ask your child to line up the sticks and put on a bit of tape to hold them together. Flip them so the tape is underneath.
2. Now they paint their picture.
(TIP! For toddlers, you paint the picture but let them choose what the picture will be.)
3. Once the paint is dry, separate the sticks and let your child piece the picture back together.

5) Oink oink! A perfect little piggy made from lolly sticks

You’ll need: 2 lolly sticks, pink paper, sticky tape, glue, a pen, googly eyes

1. First, your child paints the sticks pink.
2. While they dry, they cut ears, a snout, trotters and a strip (for the tail) from pink paper.
3. Then they roll the tail to make it curly.
4. Once the sticks are dry, they sticky-tape them together (one piece at the back). And use the tape to add the tail.
5. Then they glue on the rest of the pig’s features and add the googly eyes.