5 magical DIY Christmas decorations for kids

It’s the big Christmas tree decorating weekend and your family’s ready for their Instagram moment, right? Festive onesies, check! Goofy grins, check! The soft glow of a tastefully decorated tree, nailed it!

But for those of you with REAL children whose Christmas tree decorating experience has been more Nightmare on Elm Street than Miracle on 34th Street – don’t worry! No-one needs to see your #matchymatchy scowls. These easy Christmas decoration crafts will give your tree instant Insta-magic.

These makes are suitable for kids aged 2-plus and they’re simple enough for your children to do by themselves. Leaving your hands free for the important stuff – like scrolling on your phone. Phew!

1) Unique Unicorn! Your kids can make their own colourful unicorn bauble that’s 100% cute!

What you’ll need: scissors, glue, black pen, card, plus crayons and crafty bits for decorating and string or ribbon and tape for hanging

1) Ask your child to draw a unicorn’s head on the card – they can copy this one.

2) Then colour it in using all of the colours of the rainbow...

3) Now they draw pretty lashes. And decorate the unicorn however they like. Why not try a tissue paper mane...

4) Or a pom-pom fringe. They can add sparkly sequins too.


2) Festive sloth: this laid-back fella loves to hang around in trees.

What you’ll need: coloured paper, paper, scissors, pen, ribbon, tape

What to do:

1) First ask your child to draw a sloth (give them this one to copy).
2) Now they snip it out…
3) Then draw on a face 
4) Now they add a red paper Santa hat with a fluffy white trim (or they could go wild and add cotton wool or scrunched up tissue paper).
5) Finally, they tape on a loop of ribbon and hang it on your tree.

3) Mermazing Mermaid: Your kids can turn a mermaid’s tail into a shimmering bauble.

What you’ll need: paper, scissors, tissue paper, shiny things (foil, sweet wrappers, sequins) glue, wool or string, tape

What you do:

1) Ask your child to cover a piece of paper with colourful Christmas bling.
2) Flip the page so they can draw a mermaid’s tail on the other side…
3) And cut it out.
4) Finally, they stick on a loop of wool and hang it on your tree.

4) Dapper Santa: this Father Christmas bauble comes complete with hipster beard

What you’ll need : lolly stick, paint, tape, card, black pen, scissors, googly eyes, cotton wool, string or ribbon for hanging

What you do:

1) Ask your child to paint ¾ of the stick red to make Santa’s clothes, and the top ¼ flesh pink to create his face.
2) While that dries, they can snip a hat from the card.
3) Then they can stick on the hat and eyes. And add more details to the clothes with a black pen.
4) Finally, they have fun twisting and gluing cotton wool to give Santa a handsome beard.
5) Then loop some ribbon or string and tape it to the stick to hang up the decoration.

5) Elf on the tree: the elf on the shelf’s handsome brother

What you’ll need: lolly stick, paint, black pen, tape, card, scissors, googly eyes, string or ribbon for hanging

What you do:

1) Ask your child to draw the elf’s face with the black pen.
2) Then they paint the stick to give the elf some clothes.
3) Now, they cut details from the card: a hat, buttons, a nose.
4) Then they stick them all on.
5) Finally, they loop the ribbon or string and tape it to the stick.