5 makes using tissue paper

Images and words: Sara Conway

1 Scrunch paper pizza: finished with their favourite toppings!

You’ll need: white paper, pencil, scissors, different coloured tissue paper, glue

  1. First ask your child to draw a pizza on the paper. Can they make it round with lots of chunky toppings?
  2. Next, they cut it out.
  3. Now, they ‘colour’ the picture by scrunching paper and gluing it into each section. A yellow crust and peppers, red tomato, black olives…

And that’s it! Bellissimo.

2 Beautiful butterfly: a neat way to make fluttery wings

You’ll need: a few different coloured rectangles of tissue paper, 2 pipe cleaners, googly eyes

  1. First ask your child to stack up the tissue paper, alternating colours.
  2. Now they pinch the tissue paper in the middle and secure with a pipe cleaner.
  3. Next, they cut the edge of the wings – scalloped or in zigzags. And open them out.
  4. Finally, they loop another pipe cleaner to make the body.

3 Fabulous flowers: this beautiful bunch makes the ideal gift

You’ll need: tissue paper squares, green pipe cleaners, green card, scissors, glue, tape

  1. First, your child makes a pile with the tissue paper.
  2. Now help them to make a fan with the whole pile and wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle – enough to hold it in place, but this will also be the flower’s stem.
  3. Now they cut a curve (or point) at each end of the fan. And spread out the tissue paper – the petals will appear!
  4. Finally, they can cut leaves from the green card, and write a message on them if they like.

4 Patchwork blanket: cut and stick squares to cover a toy

You’ll need: tissue paper, scissors, white paper, a favourite toy

Your child simply snips (or tears) patches of tissue paper and sticks them to the paper. And then uses the blanket to cover their chosen furry pal.

Little presents: get your kids to wrap up their toys and then open them!

You’ll need: tissue paper, little toys

Just give your child some little toys and ask them to wrap them in tissue paper and drop them into a box. When they’re done, they can have fun unwrapping them all again! An excellent way to keep toddlers busy.