5 marvellous mask makes

1 Oink oink! get stuck into this pigture perfect make! 

They draw a pig’s snout, cut it out and stick it to a lolly stick. If they want to go the whole hog, they can snip a strip of pink paper to wear around their head and tape little pink ears to it.

 2 Did someone say walkies? A puppy mask made from a paper plate

You’ll need: a paper plate, coloured paper, paint, scissors, glue, tape, string

  1. First, they paint the plate a dapper dog colour.
  2. While it dries, they cut out big floppy ears and a tongue from coloured paper.
  3. Help them to cut out the middle of the plate – leave a big nose in the middle.
  4. Now they stick on the ears and tongue.
  5. Help them tape string to the back so you can tie it around their head.

 3 Magical mask: a quick creation for unicorn dreamers

You’ll need: a paper plate, pencil, paint, scissors, string

  1. You’ll need to help your child with this first bit but then they can take over. Halve the paper plate and then hold it up to your child’s head so you can mark out where their eyes are with pencil. Lift it away and cut out eye holes.
  2. Now, they can snip the unicorn’s horn from the other half of the paper plate and paint it.
  3. Then they stick the horn to the plate, draw eyelashes and add a little heart (we used a jewel, but they can paint one).
  4. Finally, attach string to the back so they can wear their mask.

 4 Bunny nose: hop into this fun make.

They stick a circle of card to a lolly stick glue two cotton wool balls on top. Now they add a pink nose, buck teeth and pipe cleaner whiskers.

 5 Tiger pal: inspired by The Tiger Who Came To Tea.

You’ll need: two paper plates, black paper, scissors, orange paint, white paper, crayons, string

  1. To make the base, your kids paint a paper plate orange and stick on black paper stripes.
  2. Then they snip another plate to make ears, stick those on and paint them too.
  3. Now they just need to snip and stick white paper to add the nose, mouth and eye shapes. They can draw on the paper to add details.
  4. Finally, help them cut out eyeholes and stick string across the back. Accessorise with a tea set, an orange T-shirt and black leggings!