It’s International Dance Day this weekend, so obviously Grace and I are going to dance.

We dance most days. Grace is 1, so she’s the perfect size for doing lifts with. She also does an excellent wiggle wiggle (you can watch her here). Dancing is like cider for the soul. It makes you a little bit giddy.

We’re not going to tell you how to dance, but we do have some song suggestions from the 5 minute mum community. We’d love to know what you’re dancing to, especially if you’d like to share a video. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: /5minutefun.

These 5 Minute mums and dads are dancing to:

Marie, mum to Joseph (4) and Thomas (1): Anything by David Guetta

Martin, dad to Grace (1): Dancing Queen by Abba

Natalie, mum to Alexa (3): Like a Prayer by Madonna

Gemma, mum to Arlo (5) and Fyfe (3): Happy by Pharrell

Caroline, mum to Jonas (3) and Fin (10 months): Beat It by Michael Jackson

Ange, mum to Sol (5) and Isla (3): Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing

Lisa, mum to Chloe (3) and Charlie (1 month): Single Ladies by Beyonce

Article written by Sara Conway