How to build your own den

Den-spiration! You don’t need complicated tools to build a cosy den with your child. Simply improvise with what you have.

The Simms pull out a curtain to make an instant tipee. The Zedigs favour sofas, sheets and bulldog clips. The Bells use clothes airers and sheets. Grab whatever’s to hand and get your kids to experiment with what works best. 

10 second tent: a quick and easy way to make a cosy fort

What you need: bedsheets, pegs and string

What to do:

  1. Tie a piece of string tightly between two points in your room or outside.

  2. Throw a sheet over the string and peg it, so it’s touching the floor on one side.

  3. Position two chairs in front.

  4. Lift the front corners of the sheet and peg it over the chairs.

  5. Make it comfortable with blankets, cushions and books to curl up with. 

2 Table cave: a super simple quiet time space

You’ll need: your table, a sheet, fairy lights (optional)

  1. Sweep everything off the table.

  2. Throw a sheet over it.

  3. Adorn with fairy lights.

That’s it!

Finishing touches: to make their den personal

Can they make their den extra special with a homemade sign to pin over the door? They could also make paper chains, paper streamers or bunting.