We’re tired. Tired of providing the fun. Tired of clearing it up.

The kids are not tired. They are never tired. They are demanding more FUN. These 3 games are perfect for a day like today. Minimum prep. Minimum mess. And at least 5 minutes of me time, guaranteed.

1 Tape a cardboard roll from kitchen or wrapping paper to a table leg and let them drop toys down them over and over again. Any small ball, car, block or Go Jetter will do, as long as they fit in the tube.

2 Let them loose outside with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. Anything they touch will get cleaner. Magical.

3 Send them off with a plastic cup and challenge them to fit in as many small objects as they can inside. You’ll count them when it’s full to bursting.

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Article written by Sara Conway
Artwork: Marie Le Fevre