5 monstrous makes!

If you already thought your little ones were crazy, here are some activities to show you what’s really going on in their heads. Scary!

When it comes to monster crafts, anything goes. There are no rules, which means the forecast for tantrums is at an all-time low…

These ideas are suitable for kids aged 3-plus to do by themselves. Toddlers can do them, too, with a little help from you. Find an old box, your craft accessories and let your little terrors run wild!

1) Tube terrors: These cardboard monsters are easy!

What you’ll need: paints, felt tip pen, cardboard tube, paper, pipe cleaner, googly eyes

What you do:

1. Ask your child to paint the cardboard tube any colour they like.
2. Then cut the paper to make arms, horns and/or teeth.
3. They can also stick on pipe cleaners to make antennae or arms.
4. Finally, they can draw details and add googly eyes.

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2) Get cracking: Make a scary egg box monster

What you’ll need: egg box, paint, foil, wool or string

What you do:

1. Get your kid to paint the inside and outside of the egg box.
2. Scrunch foil into balls for the eyes and cones for the ears.
3. Stick some wool or string for a silly hairdo!

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3) Open wide: Make a monster game!

What you’ll need: tissue box, tissue paper, paper, foil, paint, glue

What you do:

1. Ask your little one to cover the tissue box in coloured tissue paper.
2. Now they can draw some scary eyes, eyebrows and spikes on paper, cut out and stick to the box.
3. Scrunch up foil and cover in white tissue paper. Paint to make them look like eyeballs!
4. Can your little monster throw the eyeballs into the monster’s mouth to feed it?

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4) Raisin box monsters: so simple, so effective!

What you’ll need: raisin box, coloured paper, googly eyes, a pen, tape

What you do:

1. First, your child covers a raisin box with coloured paper (like wrapping a present).
2. Then they add googly eyes and add a roarsome smile!

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5) Pom-pom monster: Raaar!

What you’ll need: a big pompom, a googly eye, coloured card, glue

What you do:

1. Tell your kids to choose a pompom and stick a googly eye on it.
2. Now they cut claws to sit it on!

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