5 DIY Mother’s Day gifts and cards

What does Mum want for Mother’s Day? We mean, really really want? Is it…

a) A lie-in until at least 10am.
b) Breakfast in bed (AFTER her lie in).
c) A thoughtful homemade card that she did not have to make.
d) 5 minutes to do the things she never gets time to do by herself (like sleep, relax or go to the loo!)
e) All of the above.

If you answered e) then top marks to you! In a 5 Minute Fun survey, mums told us they miss ‘me time’ more than anything else pre-kids. And going to the loo by themselves topped the list!

Now, to go to the top of the class, remember to give your exhausted partner some “me time” for Mother’s Day. You can keep your kids busy by giving them one of these simple Mother’s Day presents to create. 

1) The cherry on top: this easy card will help your child say lots of nice things about mum.

What you’ll need: coloured card, pens

1. Help your child cut these shapes from coloured paper.

2. Now cut out some coloured paper squares. 

3. Help them think of some lovely words to describe mum. Write them on the pieces card.

4. Then write a note for mum on the cone.


2) No last-minute petrol station dash:
kids can transform an eggbox into a lovely bunch of flowers.

What you’ll need: cardboard tube, eggbox, sticky tape, straws, glue and scissors, paint

What to do:

1. Help your child to snip the cups off the eggbox, and cut into them to make flowers. Then cut leaf shapes from the lid.
2. Now your child can paint the flowers and leaves, plus the cardboard tube (which will be the vase).
3. Help your child tape the flowers and leaves onto straws.
4. Then glue paper circles into the middle of the flowers.
5. Finally, your child can pop the flowers into the vase.

Photo and craft from Mister Maker magazine.

3) Do put your foot in it: this card is a great keepsake!

What you’ll need: paint, card, pen, glue

What to do:

1. Help your child cover their right foot in paint and do a footprint on the left-hand side of the card.
2. Repeat with the other side (make sure the footprints meet in the middle).
3. Cut a little butterfly body out of card and let your kid stick it in the middle of the wings.
4. Write their name on the body and then let them draw or write a message on the back of the card.

4) I turtley love you: you’ve got to love a homemade card with an excellent pun!

What you’ll need: cake cases, card and pen

What to do:

1. Fold a piece of card in half
2. Ask your child to fold the cake cases in half and stick them onto the card.
3. Now, they draw heads and feet to turn the cake cases into turtles.
4. Finally, get them to write or draw their message inside the card.

5) Breakfast in bed: this is how you do it!

What you’ll need: a tray, breakfast, Mother’s Day card

What to do:

Leave mum in bed and get your child to prepare breakfast (prepare it for them the night before if that helps). When the clock chimes 10, they can bring it in on a nice tray complete with their home-made Mother’s Day card!