We’ve always dreamed of a second home in Cornwall (not too much to ask?) and since we’ve abandoned all hope of affording it ourselves, we’ve decided to push our children into a well-paid career instead.

Today? They’re going to be a pop star! Oh – and music is also a fantastic sensory activity and great for their development, too, of course. (Natch).

1 Make a sound box and fill it with things that make different sounds (or no sound at all). Coins that jangle, blocks that tap, a bell or a feather – explore your home for your own musical treasures.

2 Make up your own dance and sing the moves – wiggle wiggle, jiggle jiggle, jump jump, spin around!

3 Make a tissue box guitar. Just stretch 5 elastic bands over an empty tissue box, spacing them out along the opening. Then twang them! Make the box extra special by decorating it with paints and/or stickers.

4 Use your body to make a sound song. Be loud – clap, stomp and bang something. Then quiet – blow like the wind, rub your hands and tap gently.

5 Make a kazoo! Cover one end of a cardboard tube with tissue paper and secure it with an elastic band. Then hum into the open end. Paint the tube to give it your own style.

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Article written by Sara Conway