5 nature activities

Image and words: Sara Conway

1 Flower fun: your kids gather fallen petals for this cute idea.

We were amazed by how much we found in our local park – lots of snapped daffodils lay waiting for us to collect. Once you’re home, your children pick apart the flowers and use them to create fairy clothes, headdresses and wands. Then they draw details, like the fairy’s face, arms and legs.

2 Leaf rubbing butterflies: you need leaves with prominent veins for rubbings to work properly.

Then, just get your kids to rub over them one at a time, positioning them under the paper so they end up creating a butterfly shape. They snip this out and add a twig to create a body.

3 Salt dough ornament: get your children to make a simple batch of salt dough so they can press their favourite nature finds into it. 

They just need to mix 1 cup of flour with ½ cup of table salt and then add water – about half a cup (but they might not need it all, the dough should be quite dry).

Now your kids make a ball of dough, flatten it, and press their finds into it. Leave the ornaments to dry naturally on a windowsill (even low ovens toast petals, unfortunately).


4 Daisy chains

To make a traditional daisy chain, kids use a fingernail to make a slit in the stalk of one daisy, and thread the next stalk into it. They repeat this over and over until they’ve made a bracelet, a necklace or a garland to hang.

5 Story stones

If your kids find pebbles to bring home, they can paint pictures onto them. To make story stones, they paint simple objects and then use them to tell a story. For example, they might paint three bears, Goldilocks and a bowl of porridge.