5 new ways to paint for kids

These exciting ideas will keep kids busy, we promise!

Images and words: Sara Conway

Whether you’re looking for fun painting ideas to try with a toddler or you want a new way to paint to keep pre-schoolers busy, these quick printing ideas are easy and fun! Suitable for kids aged 2-plus, they make use of things you’re likely to have at home. We recommend using washable paints.

1) Better than cookies: use biscuit cutters to create cool shapes

What you’ll need: paint and cookie cutters (we used these dinosaur cutters)

What you do:
Blob paint on a plate so your child can dip the cutters in it and print. Simple!

2) Keep fingers busy: dip them in paint!

What you’ll need: paint and fingers

What you do:
Let your child dip their fingers in paint and make fingerprints with them. When they’re dry, they can use pencils to add faces and turn them into people and animals.

3) Don’t burst my bubble: printing with bubble wrap is just as fun as popping it

What you’ll need: paint, bubble wrap and scissors

What you do:

  1. Get your child to cut some fun shapes from the bubble wrap.
  2. Then they dip them in the paint and print.

4) Turn over a new leaf: or an old one – and print with it!

What you’ll need: paint and a leaf

What you do:

  1. Blob paint on a plate.
  2. Then let your child dip the leaf in and print.

5) New kid on the block: forget building, dip blocks in paint instead

What you’ll need: paint and fingers

What you do:
Put the paint on a plate so your child can dip and print. Simple!

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