Cutest animal sculptures from play dough!

Your kids have got the play dough out and – let us guess – they’re pinching off tiny pieces and dropping them on the carpet.

It’s ok! Show them how to roll the dough into a ball and they’ll be able to make these easy animal sculptures instead.

Now play dough is your friend, whip it out for playdates or travelling – it’s easy to pack and keeps kids of all ages busy.

1) Nifty narwhal: make the unicorn of the sea!

What you’ll need: pale blue, white and black play clay

What to do:

1. First they roll a ball of pale blue play clay and squash one end to make a tear-shape (the narwhal’s body).
2. Next, they add a little blue tail, a thin white horn and some white flippers!
3. Finally, they pop on 2 small black eyes, and give him a smile using a pen lid.

Fancy making your own DIY dough? Try with this easy recipe.

2) All puffed up: make a pufferfish pal.

What you’ll need: colourful play clay

What to do:

1. First ask your kids to roll a ball of play clay. Mix 2 colours to make the pufferfish really striking!
2. Now, they add little fins and a tail in a contrasting colour.
3. Then, use white and black play clay to make a pair of big eyes.
4. Finally, they use a pen lid to give him a mouth!

3) Never forget: create an elegant elephant!

What you’ll need: blue, black and white play clay

What to do:

1. Ask your kids to roll one large and one small ball of blue play clay and then help them to flatten them slightly into fat disks.
2. Now they attach them to make a head and body. Then roll 4 stubby legs and a little tail.
3. Next they make 2 ears, and a long trunk.
4. Finally, they can use black play clay to add small eyes, and white for tusks.

4) Hop to it: make a frog out of play dough

What you’ll need: green, black and white play clay

What to do:

1. First they roll a big green ball for the head.
2. Then make a squashed ball for the body and attach to the head.
3. Now they roll long front arms and make some shorter back legs.
4. Finally, help them make 2 small green balls, and add eyes with white and black play clay. Use a pencil to mark on a smile and detail on the feet.

5) Go the whole hog: an easy way to sculpt a pig

What you’ll need: pink and black play clay

What to do:

1. First they roll a pink ball, the rounder the better!
2. Now they add stumpy pink legs and little ears.
3. Next they make a pink snout using a pencil to mark the nostrils, and add some little black eyes. Oink oink!