5 New Year party activities

Keep kids busy while you ring in the New Year!

Are you keen to party this New Year’s Eve but you’re not sure how your kids will fit into this plan?

You’ve tried babysitters, but you’re not prepared to remortgage the house for a night out. And it’s a party pooper when they don’t want to work late – your Uber will turn into a pumpkin if you’re not home by 12.

Our advice is to host a gathering and let your kids stay up late. Here are 5 activities to bring a bit of kid-based chaos to proceedings. But you won’t care when it means you’re free to enjoy the refreshments!

1) Snack attack: Let your kids make their own pick ‘n’ mix bag!

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What you’ll need: Healthy treats, paper bags

What you do:

1. Put out a selection of healthy treats and snacks for your little one and their friends.
2. Ask them to put together their own snack bag – they can even decorate their snack bags for even more fun!

Check out this post for the perfect party snacks your kids can help you to make.

2) Pop the clock: A fun way to count down to midnight!

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What you’ll need: Balloons, pieces of paper, marker pen, extra bits for activities

What you do:

1. Count out enough balloons for each hour of the party that they’ll be awake.
2. Write down some activities on each piece of paper, you could include things such as playing a board game, making up a dance, singing a song etc
3. Then help your little one put each piece of paper in a balloon and blow the balloon up.
4. Now write the time on each balloon. eg starting at 6pm until midnight.
5. On the hour ask your child to pop a balloon (jumping on them is good!) Then do the activity written on the paper inside!

For a game with less bang, just fold the activities and pop them in a bag for kids to pick them out of.

3) TICK TOCK! A fun game to get kids into the New Year’s spirit!

What you’ll need: Alarm clock

What you do:

1. Hide an alarm clock somewhere in the room or house. Set it to ring for 5 minutes’ time and challenge the little ones to find it before it goes off!

4) Wishing well: 
A fun guessing game!

What you’ll need: 2 pieces of paper and pen for each child, bowl

What you do:

1. Ask kids to write down or draw a fun wish for the new year on a piece of paper, then fold and place in the bowl.
2. Now they take it in turns to take a piece of paper from the bowl and write down who they think has made that wish.
3. The child with the most correct answers is the winner!

5) Going for gold: An easy game to keep kids entertained!

What you’ll need: Large piece of paper, things to hide

What you do:

1. Hide different objects around the room or the house. Write a big list on a piece of paper.
2. Tell the kids to find all the items – the winner is the child who finds the most items!

Right, that’s just about everything. Nothing left but to enjoy a glass of champagne, link arms and forget the words to Auld Lang Syne. Have a very happy New Year!

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