5 on-the-go play ideas


On the way to school? Stuck in the car? Play these 5 games, and peace will resume…

Ask your child which food they like best and get them to mime their answer. Can you guess what it is?

Pretend you are going on an exciting adventure to a country far away! Who would you meet? What would you do together?

Talk to your little one about perspective: how things that are really big when you’re close to them can look really small when they are far away. Look ahead together and see if you can spot anything that you know is big really, but looks small!

Play an animal guessing game. Pick an animal, sea creature, bird or bug and give your child simple clues such as: “It has eight legs and spins silky webs”. Have fun!

How many silly words can you make up together in five minutes? Start by making funny noises, and see where your imagination takes you!

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