Relax with these 5 easy outdoor games

Make the most of sunny days with these activities that will help you chill out when you’re outdoors.

1) Draw the clouds: throw down a picnic blanket for this easy idea

Can your child look at the sky (but not the sun) and draw a picture of the clouds? What shapes can they spot? Do any of the clouds look like animals? Or faces? Or something else?

2) Minibeast hunt: look for bugs

See what wildlife your child can spot in your garden or in the park. Challenge them to find different creatures, or ask if they can spot something with wings, something red, and something with lots of legs.

3) Crocodile jump: an active game that you can play lying down

Tell your child to run around. When you shout “Crocodile!” they have to jump off the ground and find a place to stand, until you tell them it’s safe to run around again.

4) Hide the teddy (or tiger!): can your child find their favourite toy?

Hide some animal toys outside. You could draw a map to help your child find them. Or simply call out warm and cold as they search. Can they find them all?

5) Bubble trouble: get popping!

Blow bubbles for your child to chase. How many can they pop? Get their friends involved too. Who can pop the most?