5 outdoor games for sunny days

Get outside and have some fun together with these creative, fine-weather activities!

The sun’s shining… you can see it through the window. But, you’re stuck inside with a dishcloth in your hand. And if you hear one more request for the iPad…!

Time to throw open the doors and get everyone outside. Here are 5 quick ideas to keep kids busy while you relax and soak up some vitamin D.

1) Things are looking up: kids can draw a cloudspotting picture!
What to do:

Your children look at the sky (but not the sun!) Can they draw a picture of the clouds they see? What shapes can they spot? Do any of the clouds look like animals? Or faces? Or something else?

2) Monkeying around: kids can climb a tree and say what they see.

What to do:

Find a suitable tree for your child to climb. Go for a low branch on the tree, they don’t need to be high up! Test the branch is sturdy by pressing down on it first. Then send them up. Make sure they grip the branch as close to the trunk as possible and go slow. Once they’re settled, they can look around and see what they can see.

3) Sunny scavenger hunt: track animals outdoors.

What to do:

Hide some animal toys outside. Write some simple clues or draw a map to help your child find them. Or simply call out warm and cold as they search. Can they find them all?

4) Bubble trouble: get popping!

What to do:

Go outside with your child and blow bubbles for them to chase. How many can they pop? Get their friends involved too. Who can pop the most?

5) Urban animal safari: spot nature in your own backyard.

What to do:

See what wildlife they can spot in your garden. Are they hidden in the grass, or in the trees? Write down what they spot.

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