5 paper bag puppets

Images and words: Sara Conway

1 Funny frog: this hoppy friend is fun to bounce around

You’ll need: a paper bag, green paint, green paper, googly eyes and tape

  1. Give your child the bag to paint green.
  2. Then they can snip out arms and legs from the green paper.
  3. Once the bag is dry, they can tape all the pieces to the bag and stick on some googly eyes.
  4. Now your child can pop their hand inside the bag and make their puppet jump.

2 This little piggy: perfect for telling stories with. Why not make three?

You’ll need: a pink paper bag, pink paper, a black pen and tape (if you don’t have a pink bag, your child can paint one)

  1. Ask your child to cut a snout, ears and rectangle legs from pink paper.
  2. Then they glue them to the bag and add googly eyes.
  3. Finally, they can use the black pen to add a mouth, nostrils and trotters.

3 Stripy zebra: a stripy puppet that’s hot to trot!

You’ll need: a black and white striped paper bag, black and white paper, googly eyes and tape (if you don’t have a black and white stripy bag, use a brown one and make a pony instead.)

  1. Ask your child to cut an oval nose and ears from white paper, and hair and nostrils from black paper.
  2. Then they can stick everything on the bag and add googly eyes.

4 Superhero! This super puppet is ready to fly!

You’ll need: a paper bag, coloured paper, googly eyes, a black pen and glue

  1. Give your child the paper to cut a mask shape and cape (big triangle) from. You might need to help them cut the mask – it’s easier if you fold the paper.
  2. Now they stick the mask to the front and the cloak to the back of the bag.
  3. Then, they stick googly eyes beneath the eyeholes in the mask.
  4. Finally, they draw on a smile and hair.

5 Smiling giraffe: a tall bag is ideal for making a long neck

You’ll need: a tall bag (like a wine gift bag), brown and orange paper, googly eyes, tape, glue and a black pen

  1. Give your child orange paper to cover the bag with.
  2. Now, they can snip an oval nose, and ears from orange paper.
  3. And then cut patches and horns from the brown paper.
  4. Finally, they glue everything onto the bag and add the googly eyes. And draw on a smile!