5 paper cup makes

It’s Saturday AM, and you’ve taken the kids to the park to burn off some morning energy. You even treated yourself to a grab-and-go cuppa from the (overpriced) park cafe! You are winning this parenting malarkey and it’s not even 11am!

But… what to do with the kids for the rest of the day? That paper cup will save you! Once you’ve given it a quick rinse and let it dry, your little ones can try the activities below while you get on with your day!

1) Now that’s a good idea: a super simple, yet super chic paper cup hat!

What you’ll need: white paper cup, scissors, sticky tape, wool, craft bits (pens, glitter, etc.)

What to do:

1. Cut 2 lengths of wool and stick them to the inside rim of the cup. (These are to tie under your child’s chin to keep the hat on their head!)

2. Let your little one get as creative as they like decorating their new cup hat – cool patterns, sparkly glitter, feathers… think Paris 2019, dahling!

2) Pretty posy pot: make a paper cup flower pot!

What you’ll need: white paper cup, colouring pens, flowers (real or fake)

What to do:

1. Let your little one decorate their new paper cup flower pot however they like.

2. Once they’ve finished their masterpiece, pop in some flowers and enjoy!

3) Cosy cup cottage: a sweet little fairy house!

What you’ll need: white paper cup, scissors, coloured paper, sticky tape, colouring pens

What to do:

1. Help your child cut a circle out of paper, and shape it into a cone.

2. Stick it to the top of the paper cup as the roof.

3. Now have fun drawing doors and windows to the cup itself, and voila – it’s ready to put it in the garden for the fairies!

4) Twit twoo: a cute snowy owl from a paper cup!

What you’ll need: white paper cup, white and yellow paper, scissors, glue, black pen

What to do:

1. Help your child snip out some yellow eyes and stick them on.

2. Next, cut out and stick on a set of wings. Make little snips along the bottom to make them fluffy!

3. Draw a beak and add some feathery details on the cup for the owl’s tummy.

4. All done – what will your little one call it?

5) Boom boom tish: an easy peasy paper cup drum kit!

What you’ll need: white paper cup (the more the merrier), drum stick (e.g. a pencil), felt tips

What to do:

1. Let your little one unleash their inner rock star! Arrange the cups around your child like a drum kit… they can decorate them with felt tips if they like.

2. Let them have hours of fun (if you can bear it) making up some wicked choons and headbanging beats.

And you thought paper cups were just for holding coffee… wonderful, wonderful, wonderful coffee…

Right. Back to reality. Where is that bloody to-do list?