Raisin box pets

Don’t chuck empty raisin boxes in the bin – save them for these fun crafts instead! Just like matchbox pets, the raisin boxes provide a cute little bed for miniature animal crafts.


Kids of all ages will love making these pocket pals. Use whatever materials you have – there are ideas here that use play dough, pebbles, paper and more.

To make the houses

You’ll need: 2 raisin boxes, coloured card, felt tips, tissue paper, scissors, glue and tape

1. Snip a strip of coloured card that’s the same height as the raisin box.

2. Now, your child can wrap it around one box and secure with tape.

3. Meanwhile, snip the other box down the middle.

4. Help your child to fold in the edges and secure with tape.

5. Then they can glue in tissue paper to turn it into a little bed. Snip off any excess.

6. Now, they can slide the bed inside the other box.

6. Now, they can slide the bed inside the other box.

7. Finally, ask them to draw a house on the front of the box.


Who will live inside?

Be inspired by these animals. Of course, your child can make any creature they like using whatever craft materials you have.

1) Dapper duck: a play dough pal

You’ll need: yellow, black and orange dough

1. Ask your child to roll a ball of yellow dough.
2. Roll mini balls with black to create eyes.
3. Three orange triangles make the feet and beak.

Why not decorate the box with a perfect home for a duck? A pond!

2) Cute Kitten: turn a collected pebble into a mini friend

You’ll need: a pebble, card, a felt tip, googly eyes and glue

It’s as simple as sticking on the eyes and drawing a face. Then draw, snip and stick the ears. Purrfect!

3) Mouse in a house: a squishy cuddly friend

You’ll need: cotton wool ball (or pompom), mini black pompom, paper, pens, glue, googly eyes, pipe cleaner

1. Can your child draw little mouse ears to stick on the cotton wool ball?
2. Then, glue on a pompom nose and googly eyes.
3. Finish by glueing a pipe cleaner tail.

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4) Paper Pup: all you need is paper, crayons and scissors

Ask your child to draw their pet and snip it out – simple!

5) Jiggly Spider: a spooky surprise!

You’ll need: black pompom, 4 pipe cleaners, googly eyes

1. First, help your child attach a pipe cleaner to the pompom by wrapping it around the body. Bend both ends of the pipe cleaner to create two legs.
2. Repeat until you’ve used all 4 pipe cleaners to create 8 legs.
3. Finish with the googly eyes.

Give your spider a box decorated with a wonderful web!