5 practical ways to make the dentist fun

Your child’s trip to the dentist can be unsettling. Is it the atmosphere? The equipment? The unknown dental office? The strange person leaning over them wearing an interesting get-up, tools in hand?

It helps to take away as many unknowns and pressures as you can prior to your visit. It’s no big deal guys, we’re totally chilled. Dentist? What dentist?

1) Tooth be told: role play going to the dentist with your little one!

Get your little one to be a dentist with their favourite toy – they can practise saying “aaaah” and “open wide”, pretend to look at their teeth and give them a sticker to say well done. Then take the toy to the dentist with them to make them feel brave.

2) No hard fillings: play some games to keep your child’s spirits up!

What to do:

1. You can play the pennies game, challenge your child to guess how many coins are in your purse.
2. Make a list of things for your child to spot on your way to the dentist
3. Record a video on your phone of your child singing or dancing to entertain each other
4. Guess how long it takes to complete the journey to and from the dentist

You can find more ideas with our 5 Minute Fun cards!

3) Sweet tooth! Make a dentist reward card to keep your kid sweet.

What you’ll need: pens, paper, bits to decorate

What to do:

1. You can make your reward card however you like. It’s a great way to help your little one learn the importance of brushing and they’ll enjoy going to the dentist and getting a reward!
2. You can choose the reward and the different goals you want your child to achieve. Take a look at ours!

4) Piggie Power: use this episode of Peppa Pig to show that dentists are friendly!

What could be more comforting for your child than watching their favourite pig have fun at the dentist before their visit? Find it on Netflix.

5) Brush, brush! Keep those teeth clean.

Of course, the best way to make dentist visits quick and easy is to keep teeth squeaky clean. But that’s easier said than done! If tooth brushing is a battle, try turning it into a game: it’s more exciting when Pirate Timmy Toothbrush needs to explore a cave for hidden treasure. He needs help counting as he searches high and low, side to side.

 For more ideas check out our tips and tricks for nice clean teeth. 

You can adapt these ideas for lots of your little one’s first big appointments – soon they’ll be begging you to get their teeth checked and will enjoy being praised by you and their dentist!