5 quick and easy paper crafts 

5 minute fun makes using this one simple material 

Images and words: Sara Conway

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Keep kids aged 3+ busy with these 5 fun activities they can make with paper, scissors and tape. Once you’ve finished with the scissors and shown them what to do, they’ll entertain themselves – giving you some time for you.

1 Fabulous frog: a bouncy paper pal

You’ll need: green and red paper, scissors, tape 

1. Ask your child to cut these shapes from the paper: a long rectangle, a shorter rectangle, feet, legs, a strip for two eyes, and a strip of red paper (the tongue).

2. Now, they roll the two rectangles into a ring and stick one on top of the other.

3. Next, they stick the feet underneath (they will make the frog stand up and stop rolling). And then they glue on the front legs.

4. Help them fold the base of the strip for the eyes and tape it to the top of the frog.

4. Then they cut a red strip and roll it to make a tongue (perfect for catching flies!)

4. Finally, they draw eyes, a mouth and stick on the tongue. Or use googly eyes if you have them. 

2 Fold paper snake: kids will love this sssssuper craft

You’ll need: paper, scissors, tape

1. Ask your child to cut these shapes from the paper: circle (the head), rectangle (the body) and a forked tongue.
2. Now they fold backwards and forwards along the length of the rectangle (like a fan) and open it out.
3. Now your child assembles the snake by sticking the head to one end, and sticking on the tongue.

Finally, they draw eyes onto white paper and stick them on. Or add googly eyes.

3 Super snack: kids can make a delicious treat (for aworm!)

You’ll need: coloured paper, scissors and tape

1. Ask your child to cut these shapes from the paper: the apple, a leaf, a hole, a worm.
2. Now they assemble the apple and draw a face on the worm.
3. Or, they can add googly eyes and a smile.

4 Easy paper flower: it’s simple to make a beautiful bloom

You’ll need: yellow and orange paper, scissors, tape, a pipe cleaner (optional)

1. First, your child cuts a big circle and a small circle from the paper.
2. Now they fold the big circle in half, half again, and half again. Then they cut a curve along the edge and open it out.
3. Now they fold both sides of the small circle inwards and tape in place.
4. Then they assemble the flower by gluing the small circle inside the big circle.
5. Finally, if you have one, they can tape it to a pipe cleaner.

5 Excellent owl: this paper craft is a hoot!

You’ll need: paper, scissors, tape

1. Ask your child to cut these shapes from paper: the owl’s body, an oval, a diamond beak, two triangle feet and two round eyes.
2. Now they assemble the owl and draw on the eyes (or add googly eyes).

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