5 Quick Christmas Treats

It’s December and that means one thing… the Christmas feast is ON! Dieting is over until next year and that’s aaaages away. It’s OK – make that, essential – to make total pigs of ourselves. Pigs in blankets (mmmm) with festive snacks and a Baileys to hand…

So, below you’ll find five fuss-free recipes to keep kids busy – and everyone happy. From snowman biscuits to edible reindeer food, these 5-minute Christmas food makes are suitable for kids of all ages.

1) TASTY TREES: Turn cupcakes into cute Xmas trees!

What you’ll need: 12 mini cupcakes (shop-bought or make them if you want to), a tub of buttercream icing (or follow this recipe, green food colouring, a piping bag or food bag, sweets

1. Ask your helper to arrange all the cupcakes on a plate.

2. Now they can help you stir the green food colouring into the buttercream icing until it turns a nice Christmas green.

3. Pipe the buttercream onto the cupcakes so it looks like a tree. If you’re using a food bag, spoon in the icing and then snip off a corner.

4. Now your kids can add sweets to decorate the tree.

5. And that's it! Your tasty trees are ready to eat!


2) ULTIMATE SNOWMAN BISCUITS: a fun stacking snowman snack

Photo courtesy of BBC Good Food. 

What you’ll need: marshmallows, strawberry laces, cookies, icing pens, icing (to use as glue)

What you do:

1. Give your kids 3 marshmallows to stick together with icing. They stick the bottom one to the cookie.
2. Now they use icing pens to draw a face and buttons.
3. A strawberry lace scarf adds the finishing touch. 

Give these as gift to dunk in hot chocolate – see this idea.

3) EDIBLE REINDEER FOOD: A handful for Rudolph, and a handful for you!

Photo courtesy of BBC Good Food. 

What you’ll need: granola, dried fruits, sweets or choc chips (optional)

What you do:

1. Mix all of the above in a bowl – done!
2. Spoon some into a bag or bowl to leave out for the reindeer on Christmas Eve.
3. Your little one can snack on these or have some as a special Christmas breakfast with milk or yoghurt.

See the original recipe.

Kids can make a Christmas plate to leave snacks for Santa and his reindeer.

4) CRISPMAS PUDS: These puffed rice cake Christmas puddings are better than the real thing.

What you’ll need: 200g chocolate, 200g marshmallows, 100g puffed rice cereal, 50g butter, 100g white chocolate (for the topping), green and red fondant icing to create holly with (optional)

What you do:

1. Melt the chocolate and butter. Add the marshmallows until they melt and then add the puffed rice cereal.
2. Once the mixture’s cooled off, your child can take small handfuls of it and roll it into balls.
3. Meanwhile, break the white chocolate into a microwaveable bowl. Blast it in the microwave for 15 seconds at a time. Stop just before it has all melted and stir until smooth.
4. Now your kids can spoon the white chocolate onto the balls.
5. Finally, create holly leaves from the fondant icing and pop them on top.

5) CRACKING CRACKERS: This pastry parcel is a cracker!

What you’ll need: pastry, mincemeat, icing sugar

What you do:

1. Dollop mincemeat (or any filling) into a rectangle of pastry.
2. Wrap and twist the pastry into a cracker shape then cook in the oven until golden brown.
3. Sprinkle some icing sugar on top for some extra Christmassy vibes.

 A couple of these no-cook ideas are adapted from BBC Good Food. If you’re looking for a bigger baking project, click through to the original posts. And don’t forget to check www.BBCGoodFood.com for all of your Christmas food needs. For more easy no-bake treats try these nostalgic recipes!