5 quick crafts using a raisin box

5 minute fun makes from their favourite snack!

1 Character car: a cool set of wheels for a mini-friend

 You’ll need: a raisin box, scissors, paint, coloured paper, a mini figurine

1. Ask your child to cut these shapes from the paper: a long rectangle, a shorter rectangle, feet, legs, a strip for two eyes, and a strip of red paper (the tongue).

2. Now, they roll the two rectangles into a ring and stick one on top of the other.

3. Next, they stick the feet underneath (they will make the frog stand up and stop rolling). And then they glue on the front legs.

4. Help them fold the base of the strip for the eyes and tape it to the top of the frog.

4. Then they cut a red strip and roll it to make a tongue (perfect for catching flies!)

4. Finally, they draw eyes, a mouth and stick on the tongue. Or use googly eyes if you have them. 

2 Raisin box robot: use foil and pipe cleaners to make this shiny pal

You’ll need: a raisin box, foil, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, tape

1. Give your child the raisin box to wrap in foil.
2. Now they tape on pipe cleaner arms, legs and antennae.
3. Then they stick on googly eyes and draw on a robot mouth.
4. Finally, they stick on coloured paper buttons.

3 Easy monsters: so simple and so effective!

You’ll need: a raisin box, coloured paper, googly eyes, a pen, tape

1. First, your child covers a raisin box with coloured paper (like wrapping a present).
2. Then they add googly eyes and draw a roarsome smile!

4 The cat’s whiskers: give your child coloured paper to turn a raisin box into a purrfect pal

You’ll need: a raisin box, coloured paper, tape, a pen

1. Ask your child to cover the raisin box with coloured paper.
2. Now they snip some ears to add.
3. Finally, they draw on eyes, a nose, a smile – and whiskers, of course.

5 Not just for Halloween: it’s simple to turn a raisin box into a ghost

You’ll need: a raisin box, white paper, a black pen

1. Give your child the box to wrap in white paper.
2. Then they draw on a ghostly face!

Tip! If it is Halloween, keep the raisins inside the box and hand these out to Trick or Treaters.

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