5 quick dice games

Raid a board game for the dice and give your kids these 5-minute ideas that help them to learn, have fun, be creative and get moving! Or they can make their own dice with a box and buttons. These activities are perfect for your pre-schooler to do with just a tiny bit of guidance from you.

1 Giant dice – no dice? Just set your child the fun task of making one!

You’ll need: buttons, wrapping paper and a square cardboard box (or cut a rectangular one to the right shape)

  1. Ask your child to draw around a side of the box on the paper.
  2. Then they cut the square and cover the side of the box. Repeat until the box is covered.
  3. Now ask them to count and stick buttons to each side, from 1-6.

There you have it! A giant dice made with buttons.

 2 Number hunt:a fun challenge for kids who like to count!

Your child throws the dice and sees which number it lands on. Get them to collect that number of something – try berries, bags or even brothers!

 3 Number jump: an active game with counting, too!

Your child rolls the dice to tell them how many times to jump. Get them to try star jumps, high jumps, crouching jumps and spinny jumps!

 4 Crazy monster: a fun creative counting game

  1. First, ask your child to draw a circle (them monster’s body) on their piece of paper.
  2. Now, decide what they’re going to draw next and roll the dice to find out how many they’re going to draw.

Eg. They might have to draw 6 eyes, and then 1 leg, 3 spots and 2 antennae.

5 Beat that! A competitive game you can play anywhere.

You need two players for this game. One child rolls the die and then the other child rolls to try and beat their score.

For children who are more confident with numbers, give them two dice so they can add up their score for each roll.