5 quiet time ideas for toddlers

Here’s how to enjoy a little peace and quiet at home with your little one.

Finding time for housework yourself is so hard when you’ve got little ones running around needing to be loved and adored all the time. If yours are dropping their daytime nap, you’ll understand the pain of having to be ‘on’ all day. You fantasise about having enough time to watch the latest boxset until even Netflix is asking, “Are you still there, hun?”.

So we’ve devised some minimal effort activities that you can prepare (quickly, very quickly, we promise) and present to your child. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the sound of silence… or maybe even your favourite show.

1) BEAD-UTIFUL! Make a threading activity for your little one.

What you’ll need: 3 or 4 loo rolls, paint, piper cleaners

What you do:

  1. Let your child paint the loo rolls different colours. Once dry, chop them into rings.
  2. Twist the ends of 2 pipe cleaners to make one long piece. Curve into a loop to stop the beads falling off.
  3. Ask your child to have a go at threading the tube beads onto the pipe cleaner. Can they make different patterns? Can they count how many beads they’ve threaded?
  4. Keep the beads for a quiet time activity you can whip out anytime.

2) POMPOM DROP: a fun game for counting and colour sorting!

What you’ll need:

Painted cardboard tubes, colourful pompoms, storage box

What you do:

  1. Use the loo roll rings from the previous activity or paint some new tubes in rainbow colours.
  2. Now see if your little one can sort different coloured pompoms into the matching rings!

3) FEEDING TIME: toddlers can feed ribbons into bottles for a fun sensory game.

What you’ll need:

A long container (we used a clean Pringles tube), a few ribbons

What you do:

  1. Your child simply pushes the ribbons into the tube and then fishes them back out.
  2. They could also transfer the ribbons between different containers, like a cup, bowl, measuring cup.

4) SILENT STACKING: these spongeblocks will take the noise out of playing with blocks!

What you’ll need:

Colourful sponges cut into different shapes

What you do:

How many different things can your child build out of these colourful blocks? Can they build the tallest tower? Create a nice picture? They can also play with these blocks with water.

5) FUZZY FACES: have a go at this silly activity!

What you’ll need:

Felt (or coloured paper), scissors, glue, marker pen

What you do:

  1. Cut out some shapes from the felt (or paper).
  2. See how many funny faces your kid can make!

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