5 really easy kids’ games

While you recover from the festive season!

The crazy few weeks of Christmas are over and, if your mood is as grey as it is outside, it’s time for some me-time.

Here are some ideas to keep your little ones occupied while you focus on some well-deserved relaxation.

1. Pretend you’re at a five-star hotel and they are your waiters – genius! You get to lay back and bark orders and they think it’s brilliant fun! ‘Please bring me a coaster for my drink.’ and ‘Pass me that magazine, please!’

2. Make the craziest play clay monster challenge! Set the timer on your phone for 10 minutes and tell them that as you’ll be judging you just need to rest your eyes for a while to focus.

3. Give them a list of three things they need to find in the garden and bring back. A stick, a stone and even a worm! Wrap up warm and enjoy an alfresco cuppa as they search. This works brilliantly indoors too.

4. Still got those big cardboard boxes from all the Christmas deliveries? Armed with felt-tips, get them to draw a house with windows and doors, then let them use it as a den!

5. Dress up as mum or dad! Grab a pile of adult clothes (even from the wash pile) and give them five minutes to try on the clothes before they show you their get up – this should buy you at least five minutes of peace and the results will give you all a good giggle.

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