5 seaside crafts

Written by Becky Lord

It’s a hot sunny day so you pack the family and few thousand beach essentials into the car for a day at the seaside.

Then you sit in the car in a massive traffic jam, shivering in the air conditioning (which your partner always turns up), and stare at the sun blazing outside the window.

But you get there – woo! And you sweat while you unpack the chairs (and blankets and buckets and spades and windbreaks). And sweat while you wrestle your kids to the ground and cover them in sun cream. And sweat while you traipse off to buy everyone an ice cream. And then you sweat while you pack everything up to go home again.

BUT! You know you’ll do it all again next year.

Not at the beach yet? Get everyone in the mood with these no-sweat seaside crafts. And while your kids are busy creating, maybe you could read that book…

1) Super sand castle: cut and stick a sandy mansion.

What you’ll need: card, scissors, glue, sand (or use yellow card if you don’t have sand)

What to do:

1. Help your child cut out a sand castle shape from card, and fold to make it 3D. Make sure you include tabs along the base, to stand it up.
2. Lay the castle flat, and get your child to add glue all over.
3. Sprinkle sand over the card, and when it’s stuck, stand the castle up.

2) Beach box: make a mini seaside scene in a recycled box!

What you’ll need: a box, different shades of blue paper, green textured card, plain paper, brown and yellow paint, felt tips, glue, string

What to do:

1. Line the back of the box with light blue paper.
2. Paint a palm tree trunk onto the back of the box and stick on green textured leaves.
3. Tear the different blue shades of paper into strips, curl and stick them at the bottom of the box.
4. Paint on a yellow sun.
5. Cut out fish and octopus shapes and colour with pens. Use string to dangle them in the box!

3) Having a ball: make a simple beach ball out of a paper plate!

What you’ll need: paper plate, black marker, colourful paints

What to do:

1. Turn the plate over, and help your child draw beach ball segments in black marker (make sure they wear an apron, sharpies stain!)
2. Use colourful finger painting to finish off the segments.

4) Shell we go to the beach: make a turtle pal!

What you’ll need: a shell, blue paint, green paper, glue, googly eyes, a black pen

What to do:

Number stages (delete the automatic indent please)

1. First get your kids to paint the shell blue.
2. Next, get them to draw the turtle’s head, arms and legs on green card and cut them out.
3. Then they give him a smiling face and stick on googly eyes.
4. And stick the body parts to the shell!

5) Fish & Chips: craft some tasty seaside snacks.

What you’ll need: yellow card, scissors, glue, light brown felt, cotton wool, newspaper

What to do:

1. Snip out some yellow card chips, and glue some light brown felt over a lump of cotton wool to make 3D battered fish. Then, wrap it all in newspaper!
2. Make this activity a longer project by adding some yummy extras! Make a blob of ketchup out of red card, and stick white and yellow card together to make a lemon slice.