5 simple and fun ideas

You’re sorting out the bits-and-bobs box and come across a pack of 200 balloons. You bought these for your little one’s birthday party, and only ended up using 9 (because you were running late and couldn’t be bothered to blow up a million balloons before the guests arrived).

But what to do with the remaining 191 balloons? STOP RIGHT THERE! Below are some poppin’ ideas to use up (some) of the balloons that will really blow your kids’ minds!

1) Crazy hair: classic fun that will really make your hair stand on end!

What you’ll need: an inflated balloon, a mirror, hair

What to do:

1. It’s easy peasy! Stand in front of a mirror with your little one…
2. Get them to rub the inflated balloon on their hair for about 10 seconds…
3. As they move the balloon away, the static should make their hair stand on end! Look in the mirror and have a giggle!

2) Catchy catchy: you don’t need a ball for this easy game!

What you’ll need: an inflated balloon

What to do:

Simply throw the inflated balloon back and forth to your little one! How many throws can you do before it falls on the floor?

3) Balloon BFFs: make some brand-new balloon bezzies!

What you’ll need: felt-tip pens, balloons

What to do:

1. Help your little one draw funny faces onto deflated balloons.
2. Blow the balloons up and watch how the faces grow with them!
3. Can you think of names for your balloon friends?

4) Runaway balloons: the chase is on!

What you’ll need: a balloon

What to do:

1. It’s super simple! Blow up a balloon…
2. Then release it. Can your little one chase it as it blows away?

5) Ballooning around: a simple science idea!

What you’ll need: inflated balloons, a cushion and a wall

What to do:

1. Tell your child they’re going to do a magic trick. First, they rub the balloons on the cushion – they need to rub them quickly to build up some friction.
2. Now they can stick the balloon to the wall.

So there you go – a few ideas to use up leftover balloons. And if you have enough puff, just blow them all up, stick them in your child’s bedroom, and let them go wild in their very own balloon pit!