5 Sloth-inspired Crafts

It was all about the unicorn. Then the mermaid and the llama. Now the animal cropping up in Instagram feeds and on Paperchase stationery is the sloth, and this is one trend we can get on board with.

Sloths like to take things slowly. Their favourite things in life are eating, sleeping and hanging around. If they were humans, every day would be a pyjama day. They’re the perfect mascot for the easy life.

So, reach for some craft bits and get your kids to channel their inner sloth while making these cool creations. And don’t forget this famous sloth quote: “Squeak, squeak, snuffle, snuffle, squeak.” It means “Chill out and take your time, yeah!” Profound. Thanks, Dr Sloth.

1) HANGING OUT: snip, stick and hang these sleepy sloths!

What you’ll need:

Coloured paper, scissors, glue

1. Cut a long strip of brown paper – this will be the sloths’ branch. Your kids can add some little green paper leaves, too.

2. Now get your kids to draw and cut sloths from different coloured paper, with their arms and legs ready to hang.

3. Arrange and stick the sloth to the branch to make it look like they’re just hanging about!


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2) SUPER SWEET SLOTH: a very easy yet cute sloth mask!

What you’ll need: paper plate, pens, sticky tape, string

What you do:

1. Help your little one cut out 2 eye holes in the paper plate. And then cut off the bottom (just below the dome).
2. Get them to draw and colour a sloth’s face on the paper plate. Don’t forget its cute nose!
3. Tape pipe cleaners to the sides of the plate and tie it around your little one’s head as a mask. Ta-da!

3) GIMME 5, SLOTH!: a very cute paper sloth made from… your hand!

What you’ll need: paper, scissors, pen

What you do:

1. Draw around your hand, and cut it out. This is your sloth template.
2. Draw a sloth’s face on your paper thumb, claws on its arms and legs (your fingers!), and lots of fluffy fur on its body (your palm).

4) 5 LITTLE SLOTHS: sing a simple sloth counting song.

What you’ll need: nothing!

What you do:

It’s easy! Just sing the following to the ‘5 Little Ducks’ tune, counting down to 1.

5 little sloths were sleeping one day,
Hanging from a branch and dreaming away.
Mummy sloth said, “Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!”
But 4 little sloths were still fast asleep!

5) SWEET DREAMS, SLOTH!: a sleepy sloth role-play game for bedtime!

What you’ll need: nothing!

What you do:

1. Before getting into bed, pretend to be sleepy sloths with your little one.
2. Ask them to imagine how a sloth moves, the noises it makes and even how it eats.
3. Tuck your little sloth into bed very slowly and whisper, “Gooooodniiiiight!”

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So, there you go! A few cosy, sweet sloth activities to keep little ones busy on winter days. But if you really want to embrace the sloth life, grab a duvet and have an afternoon nap. Enjoy!

Images: Rowena Kinghorn and Sara Wills