5 speedy activities for the walk to school

Written by Gabrielle Meredith-Elsworth

You’ve got them up, dressed, fed, watered with teeth brushed and both school shoes on – but, as we all know, that’s only half the battle.

Once outside, they stop every minute to inspect a crack in the pavement, collect stones, search for ants or say hello to every neighbourhood cat.

We’re all for exploration and making friends but not when school starts in 10 minutes and our train leaves in 12…

That’s why we’ve come up with these suggestions to make your child walk or scoot to school as fast as their legs – or wheels – will carry them!

1) Racing stripes: who can get to school the quickest?

What you’ll need: another child (your own or a walk-to-school buddy!)

What to do:

An easy way to get them moving is to suggest you make the journey a race! Who can get to school first? Just stress the importance of stopping each time they get to a road. It should give you a bit of time for a natter or at least collect your thoughts!

2) Time

What you’ll need: your phone timer

What to do:

Use your phone to time their walk/ scoot to school. Encourage them to try and beat their time and just hope the inner Speedy Gonzales comes out!

3) Mission possible! Get to school quickly

What you’ll need: Nothing!

What to do:

Turn the journey into something far more fun! Could you be secret agents delivering some top-secret information back to HQ (AKA school)?

4) I-spy… a sneaky way to speed!

What you’ll need: Nothing!

What to do:

Play I-spy but choose things that are a few metres ahead so they have to move forwards to spot them, e.g. a certain coloured car or some flowers.

5) (Silly) walk this way

What you’ll need: Nothing

What to do:

Think of some silly walks that you and your child could try, think walking backwards, skipping diagonally, side stepping. It’s different to boring old walking and plus you’ll look too cool for school arriving in the playground…