5 speedy ideas to try while walking

Challenge your kids to these 5 ideas next time you need to get somewhere, fast!

1) Obstacle walk: Set challenges like hop over five paving stones, run to that lamppost, shimmy under that branch. Anything that keeps them focused on moving forwards.

2) Funny walk: Walking is boring but what about marching, kicking up your legs and hopping? Get them to count as fast as they can … one hop, two hops, faster, faster!

3) Guess and walk: Think of a category (such as animals), then think of one (let’s say a cow). The rest of your walking party has to ask questions to guess what it is … Is it pink? NO! Does it quack? NO! You get the idea.

4) Walk/run like a … Rabbit, horse, leopard, Mo Farah! The key here is to choose things that move quickly.

5) Olympic walking: Tell them to walk as fast as they can without running. Although, if they start running, no one’s going to argue.